Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello, sorry to send you all over the place but I've found a better place for my online home. Here's my (final!) site: lynne millar


Friday, November 16, 2012

rose sketches in acrylic

When the Roses Speak, I Pay Attention
by Mary Oliver

"As long as we are able to
be extravagant we will be
 hugely and damply
extravagant. Then we will drop
foil by foil to the ground. This
is our unalterable task, and we do it

Monday, October 29, 2012


Happy Halloween, in a couple of days. I only have one child left who is malleable in my costume-making hands... I wonder how many more Halloweens I'll be able to convince her to be a friendly animal? I wanted the five year old to be in the sheep flock too but instead she really wants to be the grim reaper. Go figure.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hello! Welcome to my new online space. For the past handful of years (well, not so much the last year) I blogged with my dear friend and sister-in-law Melissa at Sugar City Journal. It was a great experience, one that allowed me to explore some creative avenues like girls' clothing, crafts, our small publication (the Sugar City Journal Quarterly), and other random/fun topics. Melissa is an amazing artist and collaborating with her has truly been one of the highlights of my life (which continues, just off-line). As our lives evolved with growing children, shifting of personal priorities and a cross-atlantic move for Melissa, Sugar City Journal ran its course. Now I feel like it's time to open a new chapter. For me, that's focusing on my art a bit more. I hope for this blog to act as my visual journal; my mood board. I'll share my work on the gallery link and periodically offer things for sale in my little shop for those who may be interested. Also I'll devote a section of this website to lessons I've put together for the art program we do at my children's school. That's where much of my creative energy has been directed over the past few years and it's been hugely rewarding. I hope I can encourage other parents who might be considering fostering art programs in their community schools to give it a go.

So here's to being brave, to working hard to develop and grow, to jumping in to something new.